Mona Moscardini

Rail Walk Studios & Gallery


Mona has worked in the fiber arts for the past 10 years. She is now starting a new direction of dying fiber and is looking forward to this part of the fiber journey.  She feels her work is most successful when it speaks to celebrating the richness of life. 

Born and raised a New Yorker, Mona went to school in Asheville, NC and Barcelona, Spain.  After wandering Europe, she returned to the States, married and had children, then moved back to Italy.  Upon returning to Salisbury, NC, Mona and her husband started La Cava, Salty Caper Pizza and New Sarum Brewery.  Upon retirement, she picked up camera and lens, and began her artistic expression creating images to make solid impressions of the things she sees in her life, pressing fresh joy, power, freedom, anger, beauty, surprise, happiness, into the mold of her imagination.  She continues to express those emotions through the medium of fiber.

Come meet her at Rail Walk Studios and Gallery and she what she creates in her new studio!

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